Fecal Egg Count

ne horse labs fecal egg kit

New England Horse Labs’ fecal testing service provides our veterinary clients with many options in order to provide the utmost convenience. Our experienced technicians perform the Quantitative (McMaster’s) fecal egg count and issue a report with the identification of species and number of eggs per gram for each type of parasite seen. We also perform fecal testing for other large animals you may care for in your practice, such as sheep, goats, llamas and alpacas. All collection materials and submissions forms are available to you at no cost. We test all samples the day they arrive at our facility and will send either individual emails with one animal’s results on each or a batch email with all findings on a single report. Simply let us know which method would be more useful for your practice.

In addition to our regular sample shipping options, we also offer a unique set of supplies that can be left with your client for them to collect and mail a sample on your behalf. This includes a fecal sample container, instructions and submission form personalized with your clinic information, and a prepaid USPS mailer. Although the horse owner sends the sample directly to the lab, all results are still emailed to you. This option can be especially useful for retesting after deworming without having to revisit the farm! Contact us today to get your practice started with this unique and convenient service we are proud to offer.

If you are a private horse owner interested in a fecal egg count for your horse, please click on the ParaScreen-e photo to be redirected to where you can read about our services and purchase these kits.